Vertical Auger Feed Mixer Trailers (with a vertical auger) 8m³
1 May 2018
Vertical Auger Feed Mixer Trailers (with a vertical auger) 4m³
1 May 2018

Vertical Auger Feed Mixer Trailers (with a vertical auger) 6m³

Our vertical feed mixing and spreading trailers have single auger. Our machine has a transmission system. Full hydraulic and semi hydraulic machines are available. Scale can be added optionally. There is single-sided discharge gate on the right side, optionally this can be manufactured on the both sides or on left side as single-sided.
Purpose of the machine: The purpose is to make a homogeneous mixture of different feed materials and distribute this mixture equally to animals. Digestion of the mixed feed is easy and nutritious. A visible increase in the meat and milk yield of the animals is ensured. The feed prepared at the trailer is more homogeneous than the feed mixed by hand. It provides the animal to eat the feed more appetent. Meat and milk yields will also be equal to each other as the animals consuming the feed prepared in the feed mixing trailers will consume the feed at the same ratio with the same homogeneity. The machine minces the fibrous feeds via its chopping blades. It provides homogeneity by mixing the fibrous feedstuffs that are minced by the mixer helices on its top with other feedstuffs. By this means, the evacuation of the fibrous feedstuff without being digested is prevented and utmost benefit is provided from the feedstuff. Optional equipment such as loading milling machine, hydraulic back cover, double-sided drainage band can be attached to the trailer in order to facilitate the loading and unloading the feedstuffs on the trailer. Optionally a digital weighing machine, a park separating jack can also be added. The trailer is connected to the tractor by a hitching system. The trailer takes its movement from the tail axle of the tractor. The hydraulic systems on it can be used easily via the ergonomic control levers till the user. Optionally, it is also available as an electric-motor fixed type.



2100 mm


3500 mm


2500 mm

Stock volume

6 m³

Empty Weight

1780 kg

Back Cover Type

Hydraulic Bucket

Auger System

Vertical Auger

Drive System


Power Take-Off Cycle

540 d/ min.

Weighbridge System

Digital Balance

Hydraulic Pressure Source

Hydraulic Pump on Machine

Mixture Homogeneity

% 95 / 15 minute

Oil Pump Power Source


Required Power(Min.)

55 bg

Number of Motion Input Shaft



10.0 / 75-15.3

Tractor Separator Foot

Hydraulic Piston

Draining Cap

Unilateral Unloading  Hydraulic

Floor Sheet Thickness

18 mm

Tank Body Sheet Thickness

5 mm

No. of chopping blades on the auger

6 Pieces