Commutative Maize Silage Machine (FEYMEN 3000)
7 April 2018
Wheel Roller Bolt Packer
6 April 2018

Sunflower Seed Haymaker

Because the double-sided chain conveyor sunflower seed haymaker transfers the heads of the sunflower seeds clearly to the drum without any compression and friction; it eliminates the negative effects such as cracks, fractures, scratches, staining and prevents the reduction of the product quality and the loss of products. The chain conveyors closer to the personnel provide to obtain more products in a shorter period of time. It has a capability to obtain 1500 kg sunflower seed in 1 hour on an average from the heads of sunflower seeds that are dried for 3-4 days. Actual capacity is proportional to the structure of the land and the performance of personnel.
Benefit of the piston:
It has eliminated the damages during the round trip of the user to the land without getting off the tractor via its ease of use thanks to the opening and closing feature of the conveyor by the piston.

Total Length

3430 mm

Total Width (business case)

3120 mm

Total Width (road case)

2300 mm

Total Height

2260 mm

Track width

1600 mm

Soil Range

300 mm

Total weight

1250 kg