Horizontal Auger Feed Mixer Trailers (w/electricity & tractor) 3m³
1 May 2018
Acrobat Finger Wheel Rake Quartet (8)
1 May 2018

Finger Wheel Rake / Heli

It is an ideal machine with high maneuverability and work ability with low power requirement, which enables the harvested feed plants to be turned into a barrel sequenced at regular intervals and to become a series necessary for harvesting via trailers or bales by baling the grass without wearing the grass and without dropping leaves. It provides a clean and qualified collection without leaving any stones, soil and similar objects within the product.


Work width

3.30 m

Carrying width

1.50 m

Number of arms in the rotor

9 pieces

Number of coils in every arm

3 pieces

Tractor power demand



360 kg